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Car Brokers Special Offers


New Car Brokers Special Offers
Our Offers Are Drive Away Deals
What You See Is What You Pay

Metallic paint and additional extras are chargeable (finance and scrappage price's may differ)

New Car Brokers Scrappage

MakeModelMRRP Our PriceSavingsEnquire
CitroenC-Crosser 2.2 Hdi 156hp VTR+£24,345.00£19,865.30£4,479.70
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VT £8,495.00£6,353.90£2,141.10
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VTR+ EGS * £500 Elect 3 Contribution£10,395.00£9,330.22£1,064.78
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VTR+ DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£9,895.00£7,603.02£2,291.98
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VTR+ * £500 Elect 3 Contribution£9,895.00£8,869.72£1,025.28
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VTR+ DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£9,545.00£7,340.41£2,204.59
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VTR+ * £500 Elect 3 Contribution£9,545.00£8,547.58£997.42
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VTR DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£9,395.00£7,228.49£2,166.51
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VTR * £500 Elect 3 Contribution£9,395.00£8,410.29£984.71
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VTR DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£9,045.00£6,965.88£2,079.12
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VTR * £500 Elect 3 Contribution£9,045.00£8,088.15£956.85
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VT DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£8,845.00£6,816.06£2,028.94
CitroenC1 5Dr 1.0i VT £8,845.00£6,348.13£2,496.87
CitroenC1 3Dr 1.0i VT DRIVE AWAY DEAL THIS MONTH ONLY£8,495.00£6,603.45£1,891.55
CitroenC3 New 1.1 VT *Ask About 3Yrs FREE Servicing£10,990.00£8,180.43£2,809.57
CitroenC3 New 1.1 VT This Month Only£10,990.00£8,452.39£2,537.61
CitroenC3 Picasso 1.4 VTi 16v 95hp VT *Ask About 3Yrs FREE Servicing£12,695.00£9,693.75£3,001.25
CitroenC4 Hatchback 1.4i 16v VTR £14,545.00£9,861.00£4,684.00
CitroenC4 Picasso 1.6i VTi VTR 5 Seat £17,305.00£13,128.09£4,176.91
CitroenC5 Saloon 1.6HDi VTR £19,195.00£14,690.76£4,504.24
CitroenC5 Tourer 1.6HDi VTR £20,295.00£15,697.08£4,597.92
CitroenGrand C4 Picasso 1.6 VTi VTR £18,505.00£14,409.64£4,095.36
CitroenNemo Multispace 1.3HDi 75hp Stop Start£12,095.00£10,698.78£1,396.22

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